Bike Service & Maintenance

Bike Service & Maintenance

Our full service bike repair shop is ready to fix your ride!  With over 50 years combined mechanic experience we have the skills, knowledge, and tools to repair almost any mechanical problem on your bike.




Bike Labor Rate - $60/hr*

All price ranges below represent labor charge estimates only, and do not include replacement part costs.  Actual labor charge may exceed estimate for time-intensive jobs.

Full Bike Tune:   $60-120 labor

Includes inspect, adjust, lube, clean, or replace: brake systems, shifting/gears, cables/housing, bearings, wheel truing, flat repair, and part installation. 

Additional charges for full suspension linkage assessment and pivot bearing replacement.  Tune estimate does not include fork, shock, or dropper seatpost service.

Flat Repair (per wheel):   
$1-15 labor

Replacement tube prices range from $10-25 depending on size and puncture resistance.  Labor rates increase for time consuming jobs (e.g. mass goathead removal).  Bikes with flat repairs only will be repaired within 1-2  business days - no appointment necessary.


 À la carte Repairs (labor only):

Shifting Adjustment:  $10-20

Chain install:  $5

Cable & Housing Install:  $5-20 per cable

Brake Adjustment:  $5-15 per brake

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $25-35 per brake

Spoke Replacement (per spoke): $5-15

For tubeless wheels, see additional tire installation pricing below.

Tubeless Tire Installation (per wheel)

New Rim, New Tire:  $5-15

Old Rim, New Tire:  $10-20

Old Rim, Old Tire:  $20-30

With Cush Core:  $50 minimum


Suspension Fork Service (most Fox & Rockshox models)

50hr Lower Oil and Seals:  $50-80 (in-house)

200hr Full Service:  $180-200 (outsourced - 2 week turnaround)


Rear Shock Service (most Fox & Rockshox models)

50hr Air Can Fluid & Wiper Seals:  $50-80 (in-house)

200hr Full Service:  $180-200 (outsourced - 2 week turnaround) 


* Additional labor rates for special items

Recumbents and Trikes - $80/hr

Tandems - $100/hr

Unfamiliar e-bikes - $120/hr

Our mechanics may decline service of unfamiliar e-bikes because we are unable to access proprietary repair parts and vendor technical support.


Schedule a Repair

REMINDER: Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays through May.

Due to high demand for bike repairs, we are currently booking repairs over two weeks out.  Please schedule your repair appointment ahead of time.  Flat repairs do not require an appointment and will be returned to you within 1-2 business days.  Due to supply chain shortages related to COVID, certain repair parts will not be available for 6-9 months.  We will do our best to get your bike in safe, working order as quickly as possible and communicate any significant delays in service parts.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!


To get your bike fixed:

1:  Call ahead (719-589-9759) or stop by and schedule a repair.  Give our staff a description of the problems you'd like addressed on your bike.  Please understand our storage space is limited - we may ask that you drop off the bike a few days before your repair appointment.

2: REMEMBER your repair date.  Set a calendar reminder a couple days ahead of your scheduled repair date so you remember to drop off your bike and don't miss the appointment.  Missed appointments will need to be rescheduled to our next available service slot - this could be 2-3 weeks out.

3:  Drop your bike off 2-3 business days before the scheduled repair date.  In some cases we are able to work ahead and complete your repair quicker if the bike is in our hands ahead of time.  Bikes dropped off the same day of their repair appointment cannot be guaranteed same-day.

4:  Give us a repair budget, or request a repair estimate before work.  In the event you would prefer an estimate, we will call before work is performed to get your authorization for the estimated repair cost.  Please be prepared to answer your phone or receive and respond to a voicemail from our mechanic - in the event your voicemail is not setup or mailbox is full, we will only call twice before moving on to the next repair job.

5:  We'll do the work and call you when the bike is ready for pickup!  Please make sure your voicemail is setup and can accept messages.  In the event you don't answer, our mechanics will leave a message.  Failure to pick up your completed repair in a timely manner may result in additional storage fees.

Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

All bike rentals must be pre-reserved by noon the day before you plan to pick up.  We are unable to facilitate walk-in bike rentals at this time. Non-refundable deposit for one rental day is due at time of reservation.  Call today to make a reservation - 719-589-9759

Due to limited availability of new retail bikes this year, many of our rental bikes are for sale or have already been sold.  Our rental fleet offerings are limited right now as we cannot replace the rental bikes already sold.  We do apologize for the inconvenience.


Rental Rates

Full Suspension MTB:  $50/day

Hardtail 650b+ (midfat) MTB:  $40/day

Hardtail Fat MTB:  $40/day

E-bike (full suspension or fat HT):  $85/day

Helmet included with all bike rentals.  A spare tube will be provided upon request.  Trail repair tools (multi-tool, pump or CO2, tire levers, chain breaker & quick link, etc.) are not provided with the rental - riders are expected to own and know how to use their own trail repair tools.

Bike Rack (for vehicle transportation):

$10/day w/ bike rental*

$20/day rack alone

*We offer rental rack options to fit most vehicles with a 2" receiver hitch.  Please plan ahead when transporting rental bikes to/from the trail.  Rental bikes must be transported on a reliable bike rack, in the vehicle, or in a truck bed.  We reserve the right to deny the bike rental or require a rack in the event that the intended method of transportation will damage our equipment.


New Bike Sales

Kristi Mountain Sports, LLC has been the San Luis Valley's primary supplier of bicycles and bike accessories for nearly 40 years.  We proudly cary the following brands:

  • Scott
  • Specialized
  • Salsa
  • Haibike
  • Haro

COVID has wreaked havoc on the bicycle supply chain since May 2020.  Demand for bicycles skyrocketed last summer which depleted nealy all the showroom and warehouse inventory for bike shops and suppliers across the country.  Now the industry is struggling to catch back up as small parts manufacturers (shifters, brakes, chains, etc.) are facing production capacity limits as they try to outfit new bike builds for all bike brands on the market.  At the same time, the shortage in shipping containers to import products from overseas is significantly slowing down the number of bikes being delivered to warehouses.  In the past there would be a steady stream of new inventory arriving daily, now it is just a trickle.  We do not anticipate this to change until Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.  All of our summer 2021 bike orders have been canceled by the manufacturers because all of their incoming inventory has been allocated to other shops.  At this time we do not expect to receive any new bikes this summer

We do still have a limited selection of bikes and adult trikes in stock and most of our rental bikes are now for sale.  But, these bikes are selling quickly.  Below is a general overview of bike availability by category.

Bike Inventory Update 4/19/21:

  • Toddler Strider Bikes (12" wheel - no pedals):  Less than 10 in stock now
  • Youth Bikes (20" & 24" wheel): Out of stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • BMX Bikes: Out of stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • Hardtail Mountain Bikes <$900: Out of stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • Comfort-Cruiser Bikes <$900: Out of stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • Mid-fat HT Mountain Bikes $1,500-2,000: Some used rentals for sale, no ETA for new inventory
  • Fat HT Mountain Bikes $2,000+: Some used rentals for sale, no ETA for new inventory
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bikes $3,000+: Out of stock, some used rentals for sale, no ETA for new inventory
  • Road Bikes $1,800+: One Specialized Ruby in stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • Gravel Bikes $1,000+: One Specialized Diverge Wmns in stock, no ETA for new inventory
  • Adult Trikes $600-720:  Less than 10 in stock
  • E-bikes $2,500+:  Limited selection of new Haibike mountain bikes and commuter bikes in stock, some used rentals for sale, no ETA for new inventory

Please call us (719-589-9759) or stop by to find out if our inventory status has changed.


Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situaiton!





Bike Maintenance


Our full service maintenance shop is able to repair and tune any make or model of bicycle. From wheel to wheel - pedal to handlebar, we can fix it all.